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In-house production:from seed to plate

Our production is 100% in-house, which allows us to ensure control of the product from the moment of seed selection and land preparation to delivery to the customer.

  • Production office

    Production office

    Our cultivation programme is established in accordance with the agreed customer sales and the available land area in each production zone. This allows us to ensure continuity of the offer, always taking into consideration the most favourable climate conditions.

  • The nursery

    The nursery

    In the nursery we take careful note of all information relating to each seeding: date, seed batch, and possible fertilisers, etc., and assign a corresponding tracking number.

  • Land preparation

    Land preparation

    In accordance with the criteria for sustainable agriculture, and depending on the season and the results of soil analysis, we add only the quantity of fertiliser necessary to obtain the best possible product.

  • Planting


    A record is created for each planting which includes the precise location of the plot(s) in each farm and the seeding tracking number as well as additional technical information.

  • Irrigation and fertilisation

    Irrigation and fertilisation

    Based on our water saving policy, we have developed two distinct though complementary irrigation systems to cater to the water requirements of each plant. Each irrigation system includes a register of the periods during which it was in operation and the quantity of water consumed in each plot.

    In keeping with the concept of sustainable agriculture, we only apply phytosanitary treatments when a danger has been clearly identified, for example, when there is an excessive presence of certain types of butterfly or an abundance of rainfall favourable to certain diseases. We do not treat systematically as a preventative measure.

    A record is kept of each treatment carried out, indicating the machinery used, the person responsible, the products, the precise doses and the motive for the intervention.

    All our produce is standardised according to the latest Spanish and European legislation.

  • Blanching the endive

    Blanching the endive

    Depending on a variety of criteria, such as the season, the weather and the product in question, we use ties and shade to increase the whiteness of the hearts.

  • The harvest

    The harvest

    Harvesting always begins at dawn and finishes before 11 am. If the plot is located less than 500m away from the handling centre, the produce is transported directly. If this is not the case, the produce is loaded onto a refrigerated lorry and unloaded later in the handling centre. A register of all the relevant information is kept during harvesting.

  • Product handling
    Product handling

    Product handling

    When a product enters the handling centre, the person responsible for reception fills out the harvesting record, adding an entry code as well as information regarding the weight of 10 pieces, the presence of insects, dry leaves, burnt or brown tips, rotting, percentage of white leaf, general appearance..

  • Quality controls
    Quality controls

    Quality controls

    The dry product is first inspected and the personnel responsible remove any leaves showing signs of necrosis.

    The product is then cleaned in water and the hearts are checked to ensure they are healthy, white and curly.

    These two controls ensure optimum quality.

  • Packaging


    During the packing, every box is labelled with a tracking code which allows access to all the information on all the processes carried out on the product from the time of seeding to delivery to the customer.

  • Transport to the customer and to your plate

    Transport to the customer and to your plate

    All our produce is transported to our customers in refrigerated trucks.

  • Bon appetit!

    Bon appetit!

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